Escorts: For Escape and Pleasure

If you are seeking the finer things in life, real beauty, sophistication, class, and want to derive real pleasure and excitement, think of enjoying the company of escorts. Beautiful women who work as escorts are young, hot, supple, and also seek pleasure and excitement.

Escorts: For Escape and Pleasure

When to hire an escort

After a long or stressful day, add some fun or relaxation to your schedule. A night out on the town with a hot young companion or some inside intimacy for an unforgettable erotic evening. Escorts in Miami are gorgeous, charming, outrageous, sexy, and can offer fun and wild evenings, relaxing sensual massages, and if you have fetishes, some escorts can turn your fantasies into a reality you won’t soon forget. Many escorts understand the pressures of everyday life and the escape their client’s seek. They provide a unique opportunity to indulge yourself and get lost into the alluring charms of a sexy woman all to eager to pamper and please you. so why not take a break and explore that fantasy woman of your dreams in a private and discreet encounter.

Whether you are a resident of a city, or you are visiting on vacation or business, each locale will have a variety of choices of beautiful independent escorts and escort agencies that are truly intoxicating. Many escorts have real lives and day jobs. They are college students working their way through school, others are aspiring models, actresses, and dancers. And others are professional conservative corporate gals by day and moonlighting for some fun and extra money as an escort at night and on the weekends. Many Miami escorts are multilingual, well traveled, educated, intelligent, discreet and very well mannered, but they are also all women with the same desires for fun, excitement, and companionship as you. They like to be pampered with elegant dinners and romantic getaways, and if you show them a good time they will certainly show their appreciation and reciprocate with kindness and affection you won’t soon forget.

Escort Agency or Independent Escort: What’s Best?

The choice between going with an agency or an independent escort is a personal decision. What’s most important is the reputation of the escort you will be seeing. While some agencies have rigid screening processes, hiring only the most beautiful of women, independent women who work for themselves do tend to be more professional and careful in manners and professionalism because it is their own personal reputation that is on the line.

Whether you choose an escort agency or go with an independent escort you should expect honest and quality service and expect to pay about the same price. Exceptions occur when an escort is truly stellar in appearance or performance, and they have the looks and reputation to warrant higher rates. With independent escorts, there are two kinds: those who possess a true entrepreneurial spirit and prefer to work independently and those who simply “didn't make the cut” during their interviews with the agencies, either because of their looks and personality. You can usually tell how good an escort is by her rates, but you will never know for sure which category your prospective date falls into until she shows up at your door or until after the date is over.

Keep in mind that once you find a good agency or quality independent, you have a reliable source of entertainment for months and years to come.

Reputation and Reviews:

One of the biggest benefits of online communities is the fact that they help spread the word about all kinds of experiences, products and services of agencies and independent escorts. Unfortunately, too often vendors take unfair advantage of this in an effort to promote themselves at all costs. Companies big and small engage in the unethical activity of “blowing their own horn” and putting down the competition by posting fake reviews praising their own products and bad-mouthing those of their competitors. Escort service agencies as well as individual escorts are no exception to the rule. Does this mean that you should ignore message and review boards altogether? Probably not, but beware of “perfect score” postings with too many details. Also keep in mind that people who have money to spend ordering escorts are usually too busy working or playing and rarely have time to waste hanging out in chat rooms. Professional agencies and independent escorts like honest feedback about their experience and are sensitive to whether they get repeat business, of if a customer does not book again.

Bait and Switch Issues:

Sometimes problems arise when you call lady you like. You talk on the phone and arrange for a meeting. When the girl arrives, sadly she doesn’t look anything like the gal in the photos in the advertisement. What do you do? This is a famous “bait and switch” operation very popular among independent escorts and greedy agencies that use stock photos of professional models in their ads, or the escort you wanted was already booked, and to not lose out on the money the agency sent you another gal, or the independent escort sent you one of her girlfriends instead. Most of the independent escorts and escort agencies just hope you’ll deal with it, but what do you do when the escort standing in your doorway is so disappointing in here appearance you wouldn't even want her for free? By doing your homework and checking for reviews first you can diminish the chances of this happening. Working with a reputable agency that offers satisfaction guarantees, you ensure the best possible experience. If for some reason you are not completely thrilled with an escort, all you have to do is call them and they'll send a replacement or provide a refund. With independent escorts, their goal is to keep you coming back, so all their photos are usually recent and authentic. Look for Verified Icons on the provider’s ad.

Discretion and Privacy. Why do some escorts hide their faces?

Many escorts lead normal lives, they go to school, hang out with their families and friends in their city, and outside of escorting, they aspire to achieve their own goals and dreams. They have family and friends in the cities where they work and do not wish to embarrass their family, friends, or employers who may not understand this type of work. We respect their right for privacy and hope you would do the same.

Can I talk to escort before ordering?

For independent escorts who advertise, you will obviously be calling their number and will get to speak to the escort directly. If you call an agency, speaking with an escort before booking an appointment is against the agency policy as it puts the girl in an awkward situation. If after such a conversation a prospective client decides to change his mind and cancel the order, it may look as if the girl said something wrong or tried to “work out a deal” directly with the client. Either way, it doesn't make her look good in the eyes of the employer.

If an agency makes an exception and arranges for a phone conversation with the lady of your choice prior to the date - they may be listening on the second line, so be kind and don't put the girl on a spot by trying to pressure her in any way.

How to get the most out of the date?

The golden rule is “Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you.” If you treat an escort like a lady she will treat you like a gentleman and show you appreciation. Nice manners and good grooming are always important. Please do not make obnoxious remarks on the phone or in person. If you offend her, abuse her in anyway, she will never see you again and warn other escorts by placing you and your contact information on a searchable database of bad clients, and she will tell them why you should be avoided.

BDSM and Fetishes:

Many escorts have a variety special gifts and unexpected talents, so please do not be shy and feel free to call for more information to see if they are the right companion to best to fulfill your fantasies.